Trait solana_program::sanitize::Sanitize[][src]

pub trait Sanitize {
    fn sanitize(&self) -> Result<(), SanitizeError> { ... }

Trait for sanitizing values and members of over the wire messages. Implementation should recursively decent through the data structure and sanitize all struct members and enum clauses. Sanitize excludes signature verification checks, those are handled by another pass. Sanitize checks should include but are not limited too:

Provided methods

fn sanitize(&self) -> Result<(), SanitizeError>[src]

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<T: Sanitize> Sanitize for Vec<T>[src]

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impl Sanitize for Hash[src]

impl Sanitize for CompiledInstruction[src]

impl Sanitize for Message[src]

impl Sanitize for Pubkey[src]

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